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An education in Italian language and culture is the basis for an understanding of present day Italy and its place in globalised workforces and marketplaces. Not only has Italian culture long had a major impact on civilization throughout the world but today Italian style and the 'made in Itlay' phenomenon sets trends in the fields of design, fashion and gastronomy. Emphasis is placed on the connection between the study of language and the study of history and the arts, as many of the great traditions in European literature, music, painting, sculpture and thought have their origins in Italy. Linguistic diversity in Italy constitutes a permanent challenge and one of the purposes of the course is to develop a critical understanding of Italian culture in the broadest sense. Italian studies has applications for careers in international business, diplomancy, design and fine arts. The study of Italian language is also as excellent complement to studies in areas such as economics, political science, law, history, music, art, drama and film. 

Modules Offered

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