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French is spoken in over half the countries in Africa and is the language of some of the most developed cultures in the world. It is highly valued as a vehicle for literature, thought, diplomacy, certain sciences and commerce. The literature and cinema from francophone countries of the African, American and European continents are among the most fascinating being created today. Closer to home, the quickening pace of African co-operation, of globalisation, with its developing opportunities for employment, makes a thorough knowledge of the French language and francophone culture particularly relevant and rewarding.

The French courses offered seek to provide a thorough knowledge of the language so as to allow students to use French in the working world; a critical understanding of the culture of France, which has contributed to shaping today's world; a challenge, through the confrontation of our world with the ideas contained in thousands of years of French literature and thought; an education, by teaching students to think critically and to express themselves logically and articulately, thus enabling them to communicate broadly in the family of nations.

Modules Offered

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