Degree Information


The 128-credit Honours degree in Linguistics requires the completion of four 32-credit level 7-modules which students select from this list. One, and in exceptional cases two, of the Honours modules may be selected from cognate modules outside Linguistics in consultation with and subject to the approval of the Programme Director/Discipline Chair.

Masters by Coursework

The 192-credit coursework Masters degree in Linguistics requires students to select modules from this list. The coursework Masters allows for the following three possibilities:

  1. 33% coursework (= two level 8-modules, 64 credits) + 66% Coursework Dissertation (approx. 27 000 words/90 pages; 128 credits)
  2. 50% coursework (= three level 8-modules; 96 credits) + 50% Short Dissertation (approx. 20 000 words/70 pages; 96 credits)
  3. 66% coursework (= four level 8-modules; 128 credits) + 33% Treatise (approx. 14 000 words/45 pages; 64 credits)

Masters by thesis

Another option open to Masters students is to be examined by dissertation alone (approximately 40 000 words, i.e. 135 pages = 192 credits).

Modules Offered

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