Interesting Tidbits

Here you will find a number of interesting links to Linguistics-related sites and articles - explore and have fun!

  1. For all sorts of Linguistic resources, try the Linguist List.
  2. The Pan South African Language Board is one of the central linguistic institutions in this country, see what it's all about!
  3. For interesting discussions on Linguistics, have a look at Lingforum. You can even post a question and get responses
  4. If you are interested in different cultures and foreign languages, try thison for size.
  5. Can apes talk? No, says Noam Chomsky. Do you dare to disagree?
  6. Blackwell Compass offers a very useful resource for all kinds of linguistics.
  7. Passionate (or just curious) about language rights in the new South Africa? Have a look at the Supreme Court of Appeal's view.
  8. The South African government is committed to changing the linguistics status quo in this country - read about their plans for higher educationhere.
  9. Aesthetic nonesense or good advice? Find out if you are a'Strunkaholic' who's obsessed with grammar.

Remember: Always treat information on websites with care - be skeptical and interrogate the website rather than just assuming that everything you read is true!

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